Control Board Bill Of Material. (Last update on 17/08/2017)


Reference Value Type Quantity Notes Mouser Farnell Radiospare Taydaelectronics Reichelt Thonk SmallBear DasMusikDing Mammoth Micross
JP20, JP24 Female MicroMatch 2x3 Connector 2 571-215079-6 148519 6805123 MM FL 6G
JP21, JP23, JP25 Female MicroMatch 2x2 Connector 3 571-215079-4 148507 6805129 MM FL 4G
DIL08 DIL Socket 4 571-1-2199298-2 2445620 A-001 GS 8 icsockel8
IC25, IC26, IC27, IC28 TL072P Integrated Circuit 4 595-TL072IP 1106015 A-037 TL 072 DIP TL072
JP22 Female Pin Header - 1x4 Pin Header 1 A-1303 MPE 094-1-004
JP26, JP27, JP28, JP29, JP30, JP34A, JP34B, JP35, JP36 Female Pin Header - 1x6 Pin Header 9 992-6FX1L-254MM A-1389 MPE 094-1-006
JP19 Right Angle Male Pin Header - 1x3 Pin Header 1 649-68016-403HLF A-199 SL 1X40W 2,54
JP31, JP32 Female Pin Header - 1x10 Pin Header 2 992-10FX1-254MM A-1306 BL 1X10G8 2,54
JP33 Female Pin Header - 1x8 Pin Header 1 992-8FX1L-254MM A-1305 MPE 094-1-008
C92 0.1uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 1 80-R82DC3100DQ50J A-564 MKS-2-5 100N
P5, P7, P9, P10, P12, P13, P16, P19, P20, P21 5k-LIN Potentiometer 10 A-1622 1011 1084 al16gewpr5kl 210-100-B-5K
P2, P3, P4, P6, P8, P11 25k-LIN Potentiometer 6 A-1886 1011 1086 al16gewpr25k 210-100-B-25K
P22 50k-REV-LOG Potentiometer 1 1011 1101 al16gepr50kr 210-100-C-50K
P1, P14, P15, P17, P18 1M-LOG Potentiometer 5 1011 1097 al16gewpr1Ml 210-100-A-1M
R394 90.9-1% Resistor 1 660-MF1/4DC90R9F METALL 90,9
R379, R380, R386, R392 1k-1% Resistor 4 Matched set of 4 603-MFR-25FRF521K Complete List METALL 1,00K
R436, R437 1k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JB-1K0 Complete List 1/4W 1,0K
R428 1.5k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52-1K5 Complete List 1/4W 1,5K
R396, R420 3.3k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-523K3 Complete List 1/4W 3,3K
R393 4.75k-1% Resistor 1 660-MF1/4DCT52R4751F METALL 4,75K
R395, R404, R412 5.1k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-525K1 Complete List 1/4W 5,1K
R397, R398, R405, R406, R413, R414 7.5k Resistor 6 660-MF1/4LCT52R752J Complete List 1/4W 7,5K
R399, R401, R402, R403, R407, R409, R410, R411, R415, R417, R418, R419 10k Resistor 12 603-CFR-25JR-5210K Complete List 1/4W 10K
R426 11k Resistor 1 291-11K-RC Complete List 1/4W 11K
R400, R408, R416 15k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-5215K Complete List 1/4W 15K
R421, R422, R438 24k Resistor 3 291-24K-RC Complete List 1/4W 24K
R423, R424, R425, R427, R433, R435 33k Resistor 6 603-CFR-25JR-52-33K Complete List 1/4W 33K
R429 47k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-5247K Complete List 1/4W 47K
R434 100k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52100K Complete List 1/4W 100K
R432 150k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52150K Complete List 1/4W 150K
R430 200k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52200K Complete List 1/4W 200K
R431 300k Resistor 1 291-300K-RC Complete List 1/4W 300K
RSW1, RSW3, RSW5 SR2511-0206 Rotary Switch 3 A-1644
RSW2, RSW4, RSW6 SR2511-0304 Rotary Switch 3 A-1645
SW1, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW10 APEM5636 Switch 8 642-5636A 1082299 1900642
SW2, SW6 APEM5646 Switch 2 642-5646A 1082313 1900664