All Bill Of Material. (Last update on 24/08/2017)


Reference Value Type Quantity Notes Mouser Farnell Radiospare Taydaelectronics Reichelt Thonk SmallBear DasMusikDing Mammoth Micross
10 Way Ribon Cable Cable 1 517-3365/10FT
C4, C16, C28, C55 10pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 4 81-RDE5C2A100J0M1H3A A-1341
C47 47pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 1 81-RDE5C2A470J0M1H3A A-1352
C3, C13, C15, C25, C27, C37, C39, C42, C54, C61, C77, C83 100pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 12 81-RDE5C2A101J0M1H3A A-1359
C49 500pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 1 A-1363
JP21, JP23, JP25, JP38, JP40, JP41 Female MicroMatch 2x2 Connector 6 571-215079-4 148507 6805129 MM FL 4G
Male MicroMatch 2x3 Connector 4 571-215083-6 149068 6805139 MM SL 6SK
JP20, JP24, JP37, JP39 Female MicroMatch 2x3 Connector 4 571-215079-6 148519 6805123 MM FL 6G
Male MicroMatch 2x2 Connector 6 571-215083-4 149032 6805135 MM SL 4SK
JP11, JP12, JP13 MOLEX - 1x5 Connector 3 538-22-23-5054 A-807 plaver5
JP1 MOLEX - 1x4 Connector 1 538-22-23-5044 A-806 plaver4
JP18 Pin Header - 2x5 Connector 1 649-68602-406HLF A-198 SL 2X40G 2,54
DIL08 DIL Socket 16 571-1-2199298-2 2445620 A-001 GS 8 icsockel8
D4, D5 1N458A Diode 2 512-1N458A  8050965
D15, D16 1N5819-B Diode 2 583-1N5819-B 1336533 A-484 1N 5819 891
D2, D3, D7, D8, D11, D13, D14 1N4148 Diode 7 512-1N4148 9565124 A-157 1N 4148 1n4148
D1, D6, D9, D10, D12 1N4004 Diode 5 512-1N4004 2335181 A-156 1N 4004 1n4004
C32, C72, C73, C76, C78 2.2uf-10%-50V Electrolytic Capacitor 5 667-ECA-1HM2R2I A-4532 RAD 105 2,2/100
C7, C9, C11, C12, C20, C22, C34, C35, C41, C43, C48, C52, C59, C68, C70, C74, C89 10uF-10%-50V Electrolytic Capacitor 17 667-ECA-1HM100I A-4554 RAD 10/63
C31, C33 22uf-10%-50V Electrolytic Capacitor 2 667-ECA-1EM220I A-4530 RAD 22/63
C8, C10, C19, C21, C23, C24, C36, C90, C91 47uF-50V-10%-LOW ESR Electrolytic Capacitor 9 647-UTT1E470MDD RAD FC 47/50
C60 100uF-10%-25V Electrolytic Capacitor 1 647-UVZ1E101MED1TD A-4541 RAD 105 100/35
C50, C53, C57, C69 220uF-10%-6V Electrolytic Capacitor 4 647-UVR1A221MED1TD A-4506 RAD 105 220/16
IC15, IC25, IC26, IC27, IC28 TL072P Integrated Circuit 5 595-TL072IP 1106015 A-037 TL 072 DIP TL072
IC3, IC7, IC11 CA3046M Integrated Circuit 3 926-LM3046M/NOPB 2295757 460821
IC1, IC2, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC8, IC9, IC10, IC12, IC13, IC14 UA741P Integrated Circuit 11 595-UA741CPE4 1564944  305311 µA 741 DIP uA741
IC16, IC18, IC20, IC22 LM2991 Integrated Circuit 4 926-LM2991SX/NOPB 1564648 5338170
IC19, IC21, IC23, IC24 TL1963ADCQR Integrated Circuit 4 595-TL1963ADCQR 2323630
IC17 TL1963A Integrated Circuit 1 595-TL1963AKTTR 2112627 LT 1963 AEQ
Moog Style knob Knob 28 bakno19
Washer or Hex Nuts Mechanical 22 1254
Mini Jumper Mini Jumper 2 A-1324
JP15 Male Pin Header - 1x4 Pin Header 1 649-68001-404HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP19 Right Angle Male Pin Header - 1x3 Pin Header 1 649-68016-403HLF A-199 SL 1X40W 2,54
JP26, JP27, JP28, JP29, JP30, JP35, JP36 Female Pin Header - 1x6 Pin Header 7 992-6FX1L-254MM A-1389 MPE 094-1-006
JP3, JP4, JP5, JP7, JP8, JP9, JP17 Male Pin Header - 1x6 Pin Header 7 649-68001-406HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP33 Female Pin Header - 1x8 Pin Header 1 992-8FX1L-254MM A-1305 MPE 094-1-008
JP6 Male Pin Header - 1x8 Pin Header 1 649-68001-408HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP31, JP32 Female Pin Header - 1x10 Pin Header 2 992-10FX1-254MM A-1306 BL 1X10G8 2,54
JP14, JP16 Male Pin Header - 1x10 Pin Header 2 649-68001-410HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP2 Male Pin Header - 2x6 Pin Header 1 649-68602-406HLF A-198 SL 2X40G 2,54
JP22 Female Pin Header - 1x4 Pin Header 1 A-1303 MPE 094-1-004
JP10 Male Pin Header - 1x2 Pin Header 1 649-68001-402HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP34 Female Pin Header - 1x6 Pin Header 2 992-6FX1L-254MM A-1389 MPE 094-1-006
C14, C26, C38, C40, C44, C45, C46, C87 0.01uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 8 80-R82EC2100AA50K A-559
C85 0.022uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 1 80-R82EC2220DQ50J A-560 MKS-2 22N
C82 0.033uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 1 80-R82EC2330AA50J A-561 MKS-2 33N
C62, C65, C66, C67 0.068uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 4 80-R82EC2680AA60J A-707 MKS-2 68N
C56, C80, C92 0.1uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 3 80-R82DC3100DQ50J A-564 MKS-2-5 100N
C2, C6, C18, C30, C75 0.12uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 5 80-MMK5124J63J01L4
C79, C81, C84 0.15uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 3 80-MMK5154J63J01L4 MKS-2 150N
C63, C64 0.22uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 2 80-R82DC3220DQ60J A-565 MKS-2 220N
C51, C86 0.33uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 2 80-R82DC3330AA60J A-566 MKS-2-5 330N
C58 1uF-10%-63V Polyester Capacitor 1 505-MKS2C041001FKC00 A-320 MKS-2 1,0µ
C88 4.7uF-10%-63V Polyester Capacitor 1 505-MKS2-4.7/50/10 MKS-2 4,7µ
C5, C17, C29 0.01uF-2%-35V Polystyrene Capacitor 3 594-2222-418-41003
P5, P7, P9, P10, P12, P13, P16, P19, P20, P21 5k-LIN Potentiometer 10 A-1622 1011 1084 al16gewpr5kl 210-100-B-5K
P24 5k Potentiometer 1 A-1870 1012A3 1962
P2, P3, P4, P6, P8, P11 25k-LIN Potentiometer 6 A-1886 1011 1086 al16gewpr25k 210-100-B-25K
P22 50k-REV-LOG Potentiometer 1 1011 1101 al16gepr50kr 210-100-C-50K
P1, P14, P15, P17, P18 1M-LOG Potentiometer 5 1011 1097 al16gewpr1Ml 210-100-A-1M
P23 1M-LOG Potentiometer 1 A-1881 1012A3 1977
R269, R270 4.7 Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52-4R7 Complete List 1/4W 4,7
R61, R128, R193 33 Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-5233R Complete List 1/4W 33
R297 47 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-5247R Complete List 1/4W 47
R26, R91, R158 56 Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-56R Complete List 1/4W 56
R261 62 Resistor 1 660-MF1/4LCT52R620J Complete List 1/4W 62
R6 68.1-1% Resistor 1 603-MFR-25FBF52-68R1 METALL 68,1
R394 90.9-1% Resistor 1 660-MF1/4DC90R9F METALL 90,9
R28, R70, R93, R137, R160, R199, R215, R224, R239, R248, R264, R265, R286 100 Resistor 13 603-CFR-25JR-52100R Complete List 1/4W 100
R258, R260, R266, R332 120 Resistor 4 603-CFR-25JR-52-120R Complete List 1/4W 120
R259, R299, R302, R304, R309 150 Resistor 5 603-CFR-25JR-52150R Complete List 1/4W 150
R296 180 Resistor 1 660-CF1/4C181J Complete List 1/4W 180
R312 200 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52-200R Complete List 1/4W 200
R74, R141, R204, R237, R294, R331 220 Resistor 6 603-CFR-25JB-52-220R Complete List 1/4W 220
R179, R267, R268, R301, R311, R346, R354, R360, R361 330 Resistor 9 603-CFR-25JR-52330R Complete List 1/4W 330
R336 390 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52390R Complete List 1/4W 390
R46, R48, R49, R50, R111, R113, R115, R118, R186, R272, R310, R317 470 Resistor 12 603-CFR-25JR-52470R Complete List 1/4W 470
R275 510 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52-510R Complete List 1/4W 510
R216, R234, R240, R257, R352 560 Resistor 5 660-MF1/4LCT52R561J Complete List 1/4W 560
R279, R280, R313 680 Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-680R Complete List 1/4W 680
R29, R94, R161 750 Resistor 3 660-MF1/4LCT52R751J Complete List 1/4W 750
R273 820 Resistor 1 291-820-RC Complete List 1/4W 820
R19, R84, R151 910 Resistor 3 291-910-RC Complete List 1/4W 910
R213 1k-1% Resistor 1 603-MFR-25FRF521K Complete List METALL 1,00K
R31, R32, R65, R69, R75, R96, R97, R132, R136, R142, R163, R164, R196, R198, R206, R274, R281, R287, R288, R291, R300, R306, R342, R378, R383, R436, R437, R440 1k Resistor 28 603-CFR-25JB-1K0 Complete List 1/4W 1,0K
R379, R380, R386, R392 1k-1% Resistor 4 Matched set of 4 603-MFR-25FRF521K Complete List METALL 1,00K
R13, R78, R145 1.2k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-521K2 Complete List 1/4W 1,2K
R347, R428 1.5k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52-1K5 Complete List 1/4W 1,5K
R295 1.8k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-521K8 Complete List 1/4W 1,8K
R73, R140, R203 2k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-522K Complete List 1/4W 2,0K
R15, R80, R147, R180 2.2k Resistor 4 603-CFR-25JR-522K2 Complete List 1/4W 2,2K
R34, R47, R51, R52, R53, R99, R112, R116, R117, R166, R185, R372 2.7k Resistor 12 603-CFR-25JR-522K7 Complete List 1/4W 2,7K
R225, R249 3k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52-3K Complete List 1/4W 3,0K
R209, R214 3.01k-1% Resistor 2 660-MF1/4D52R3011F METALL 3,01K
R218, R236, R242, R277, R318, R329, R330, R369, R370, R396, R420 3.3k Resistor 11 603-CFR-25JR-523K3 Complete List 1/4W 3,3K
R8, R45, R110, R177, R333, R350, R353 3.9k Resistor 7 603-CFR-25JR-523K9 Complete List 1/4W 3,9K
R36, R101, R168 4.3k Resistor 3 291-4.3K-RC Complete List 1/4W 4,3K
R2, R17, R37, R82, R102, R149, R169, R220, R223, R244, R247 4.7k Resistor 11 603-CFR-25JR-524K7 Complete List 1/4W 4,7K
R393 4.75k-1% Resistor 1 660-MF1/4DCT52R4751F METALL 4,75K
R1, R356, R395, R404, R412 5.1k Resistor 5 603-CFR-25JR-525K1 Complete List 1/4W 5,1K
R11, R12, R76, R77, R143, R144, R230, R254 5.6k Resistor 8 603-CFR-25JR-525K6 Complete List 1/4W 5,6K
R5, R22, R44, R87, R109, R154, R176, R335, R351 6.2k Resistor 9 291-6.2K-RC Complete List 1/4W 6,2K
R282, R362, R381 6.8k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-6K8 Complete List 1/4W 6,8K
R182, R397, R398, R405, R406, R413, R414 7.5k Resistor 7 660-MF1/4LCT52R752J Complete List 1/4W 7,5K
R41, R106, R173 8.2k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-8K2 Complete List 1/4W 8,2K
R24, R38, R89, R103, R122, R156, R170, R219, R222, R227, R228, R229, R232, R233, R235, R238, R243, R246, R251, R252, R253, R256, R292, R319, R321, R324, R334, R341, R345, R348, R388, R399, R401, R402, R403, R407, R409, R410, R411, R415, R417, R418, R419 10k Resistor 43 603-CFR-25JR-5210K Complete List 1/4W 10K
R39, R104, R171 10k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-10K METALL 10,0K
R3, R4 10k-1% Resistor 2 Matched set of 2 603-MFR-25FBF52-10K METALL 10,0K
R18, R20, R25, R83, R85, R90, R150, R152, R157 10.7k-1% Resistor 9 660-MF1/4DCT52A1072F METALL 10,7K
R426 11k Resistor 1 291-11K-RC Complete List 1/4W 11K
R68, R135, R205 11.8k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-11K8 Complete List METALL 11,8K
R33, R98, R165 12k Resistor 3 660-MF1/4LCT52R123J Complete List 1/4W 12K
R35, R100, R167, R210 15k-1% Resistor 4 603-MFR-25FRF5215K Complete List METALL 15,0K
R67, R134, R207 15k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FRF5215K Complete List METALL 15,0K
R71, R138, R200, R212, R400, R408, R416 15k Resistor 7 603-CFR-25JR-5215K Complete List 1/4W 15K
R231, R255 16.9k-1% Resistor 2 603-MFR-25FBF52-16K9 METALL 16,9K
R184 18k Resistor 1 291-18K-RC Complete List 1/4W 18K
R421, R422, R438 24k Resistor 3 291-24K-RC Complete List 1/4W 24K
R217, R241, R285 27k Resistor 3 291-27K-RC Complete List 1/4W 27K
R9, R10, R178, R221, R245, R276, R423, R424, R425, R427, R433, R435, R439 33k Resistor 13 603-CFR-25JR-52-33K Complete List 1/4W 33K
R14, R16, R79, R81, R146, R148 33.2k-1% Resistor 6 603-MFR-25FBF52-33K2 METALL 33,2K
R58, R125, R190 39k Resistor 3 291-39K-RC Complete List 1/4W 39K
R21, R30, R86, R95, R153, R162, R337, R338, R340, R349 43k Resistor 10 291-43K-RC Complete List 1/4W 43K
R55, R187, R303, R308, R365, R366, R429 47k Resistor 7 603-CFR-25JR-5247K Complete List 1/4W 47K
R211 51k Resistor 1 291-51K-RC Complete List 1/4W 51K
R63, R130, R195 51.1k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R62, R129, R194 51.1k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R60, R127, R192 51.1k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R208 51.1k-1% Resistor 1 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R181, R283, R298 68k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-68K Complete List 1/4W 68K
R314 75k Resistor 1 660-CF1/4CT52R753J Complete List 1/4W 75K
R121, R339 91k Resistor 2 291-91K-RC Complete List 1/4W 91K
R27, R43, R92, R108, R159, R175, R293, R307, R316, R327, R344, R355, R363, R371, R382, R434 100k Resistor 16 603-CFR-25JR-52100K Complete List 1/4W 100K
R358, R359, R364 100k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FRF52100K Complete List METALL 100K
R40, R105, R172, R226, R250, R278, R290, R432 150k Resistor 8 603-CFR-25JR-52150K Complete List 1/4W 150K
R72, R139, R202, R271 160k Resistor 4 291-160K-RC Complete List 1/4W 160K
R289, R430 200k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52200K Complete List 1/4W 200K
R120, R305 220k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52220K Complete List 1/4W 220K
R284 270k Resistor 1 291-270K-RC Complete List 1/4W 270K
R431 300k Resistor 1 291-300K-RC Complete List 1/4W 300K
R57, R124, R189 332k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-332K METALL 332K
R42, R107, R174, R183 390k Resistor 4 291-390K-RC Complete List 1/4W 390K
R315, R385 470k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52470K Complete List 1/4W 470K
R56, R59, R123, R126, R188, R191, R322, R323 560k Resistor 8 291-560K-RC Complete List 1/4W 560K
R23, R88, R155 910k Resistor 3 291-910K-RC Complete List 1/4W 910K
R325, R326 2.2M Resistor 2 291-2.2M-RC Complete List 1/4W 2,2M
R320, R357 4.7M Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-524M7 Complete List 1/4W 4,7M
R343 22M Resistor 1 291-22M-RC
RSW2, RSW4, RSW6 SR2511-0304 Rotary Switch 3 A-1645
RSW1, RSW3, RSW5 SR2511-0206 Rotary Switch 3 A-1644
SW1, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW10 APEM5636 Switch 8 642-5636A 1082299 1900642
SW2, SW6 APEM5646 Switch 2 642-5646A 1082313 1900664
C71 6.8uF-10%-50V Tantalum Capacitor 1 581-TAP685K006SCS A-1611 TANTAL 6,8/16
C1 33uF-10%-35V Tantalum Capacitor 1 581-TAP336K016CCS A-422 TANTAL 33/16
TC1A, TC1B, TC2A, TC2B, TC3A, TC3B 1K-1%-3300ppm Tempco Resistor 3 EComp_Tempco_Akaneohm_1K
Q83, Q84 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q81, Q82 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q59, Q60 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q79, Q80 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q77, Q78 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q75, Q76 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q63, Q64 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q65, Q66 MPS8097 Transistor 2 610-MPS8097
Q68, Q69 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q73, Q74 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q70, Q71 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q95, Q96 BF245 Transistor 2 A-907 BF 245B
Q6, Q19, Q32 2N4402 Transistor 3 2012 2N4402-p
Q3, Q7, Q9, Q16, Q20, Q22, Q29, Q33, Q35, Q58, Q61, Q62, Q67, Q91, Q94 2N4058 Transistor 15 610-2N4058
Q92, Q93 2N3392 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-2N3392 A-430 2N3392-p
Q14, Q98 2N3904 Transistor 2 512-2N3904TAR 1700648 A-111 2N 3904 2006 2N3904-p
Q72 2N3906 Transistor 1 Matched set of 1 512-2N3906BU 7390375 A-117 2N 3906 2007 2N3906-p
Q99, Q100 2N3392 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-2N3392 A-430 2N3392-p
Q27, Q97 2N3904 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 512-2N3904TAR 1700648 A-111 2N 3904 2006 2N3904-p
Q2, Q4, Q15, Q17, Q28, Q30, Q41, Q44, Q50, Q53, Q57 2N3906 Transistor 11 512-2N3906BU 7390375 A-117 2N 3906 2007 2N3906-p
Q1, Q5, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13, Q18, Q23, Q24, Q25, Q26, Q31, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39, Q40, Q42, Q43, Q45, Q46, Q47, Q48, Q49, Q51, Q52, Q54, Q55, Q56, Q86, Q87, Q88, Q89, Q90 2N3392 Transistor 34 610-2N3392 A-430 2N3392-p
Q85 2N3904 Transistor 1 Matched set of 1 512-2N3904TAR 1700648 A-111 2N 3904 2006 2N3904-p
Q8, Q21, Q34 LS3954 Transistor Matched Pair 3 2N3954A
R7, R262 25 Trimm Resistor 2 7859733
R66, R133, R197, R263, R367 100 Trimm Resistor 5 652-3296W-1-101LF 9353160 7692154 A-584
R391 500 Trimm Resistor 1 652-3296W-1-501LF 9353283 7692182 A-596
R54, R64, R114, R119, R131, R201, R373, R374, R375, R376, R377, R387, R389 1k Trimm Resistor 13 652-3296W-1-102LF 9353178 7692158 A-585 64W-1,0K
R328 2.5k Trimm Resistor 1 7859742
R368, R384 5k Trimm Resistor 2 652-3296W-1-502LF 9353291 7692186 A-597 64W-5,0K
R390 10k Trimm Resistor 1 652-RJ24FW103 9353186 7692167 A-586 64W-10K