Analog Board Bill Of Material. (Last update on 17/08/2017)


Reference Value Type Quantity Notes Mouser Farnell Radiospare Taydaelectronics Reichelt Thonk SmallBear DasMusikDing Mammoth Micross
C4, C16, C28, C55 10pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 4 81-RDE5C2A100J0M1H3A A-1341
C47 47pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 1 81-RDE5C2A470J0M1H3A A-1352
C3, C13, C15, C25, C27, C37, C39, C42, C54, C61, C77, C83 100pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 12 81-RDE5C2A101J0M1H3A A-1359
C49 500pF-10%-50V Ceramic Capacitor 1 A-1363
JP18 Pin Header - 2x5 Connector 1 649-68602-406HLF A-198 SL 2X40G 2,54
JP1 MOLEX - 1x4 Connector 1 538-22-23-5044 A-806 plaver4
JP11, JP12, JP13 MOLEX - 1x5 Connector 3 538-22-23-5054 A-807 plaver5
DIL08 DIL Socket 12 571-1-2199298-2 2445620 A-001 GS 8 icsockel8
D4, D5 1N458A Diode 2 512-1N458A  8050965
D15, D16 1N5819-B Diode 2 583-1N5819-B 1336533 A-484 1N 5819 891
D1, D6, D9, D10, D12 1N4004 Diode 5 512-1N4004 2335181 A-156 1N 4004 1n4004
D2, D3, D7, D8, D11, D13, D14 1N4148 Diode 7 512-1N4148 9565124 A-157 1N 4148 1n4148
C32, C72, C73, C76, C78 2.2uf-10%-50V Electrolytic Capacitor 5 667-ECA-1HM2R2I A-4532 RAD 105 2,2/100
C7, C9, C11, C12, C20, C22, C34, C35, C41, C43, C48, C52, C59, C68, C70, C74, C89 10uF-10%-50V Electrolytic Capacitor 17 667-ECA-1HM100I A-4554 RAD 10/63
C31, C33 22uf-10%-50V Electrolytic Capacitor 2 667-ECA-1EM220I A-4530 RAD 22/63
C8, C10, C19, C21, C23, C24, C36, C90, C91 47uF-50V-10%-LOW ESR Electrolytic Capacitor 9 647-UTT1E470MDD RAD FC 47/50
C60 100uF-10%-25V Electrolytic Capacitor 1 647-UVZ1E101MED1TD A-4541 RAD 105 100/35
C50, C53, C57, C69 220uF-10%-6V Electrolytic Capacitor 4 647-UVR1A221MED1TD A-4506 RAD 105 220/16
IC15 TL072P Integrated Circuit 1 595-TL072IP 1106015 A-037 TL 072 DIP TL072
IC1, IC2, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC8, IC9, IC10, IC12, IC13, IC14 UA741P Integrated Circuit 11 595-UA741CPE4 1564944  305311 µA 741 DIP uA741
IC3, IC7, IC11 CA3046M Integrated Circuit 3 926-LM3046M/NOPB 2295757 460821
IC19, IC21, IC23, IC24 TL1963ADCQR Integrated Circuit 4 595-TL1963ADCQR 2323630
IC17 TL1963A Integrated Circuit 1 595-TL1963AKTTR 2112627 LT 1963 AEQ
IC16, IC18, IC20, IC22 LM2991 Integrated Circuit 4 926-LM2991SX/NOPB 1564648 5338170
JP3, JP4, JP5, JP7, JP8, JP9, JP17 Male Pin Header - 1x6 Pin Header 7 649-68001-406HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP15 Male Pin Header - 1x4 Pin Header 1 649-68001-404HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP10 Male Pin Header - 1x2 Pin Header 1 649-68001-402HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP2 Male Pin Header - 2x6 Pin Header 1 649-68602-406HLF A-198 SL 2X40G 2,54
JP6 Male Pin Header - 1x8 Pin Header 1 649-68001-408HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
JP14, JP16 Male Pin Header - 1x10 Pin Header 2 649-68001-410HLF A-197 SL 1X40G 2,54
C14, C26, C38, C40, C44, C45, C46, C87 0.01uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 8 80-R82EC2100AA50K A-559
C85 0.022uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 1 80-R82EC2220DQ50J A-560 MKS-2 22N
C82 0.033uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 1 80-R82EC2330AA50J A-561 MKS-2 33N
C62, C65, C66, C67 0.068uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 4 80-R82EC2680AA60J A-707 MKS-2 68N
C56, C80 0.1uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 2 80-R82DC3100DQ50J A-564 MKS-2-5 100N
C2, C6, C18, C30, C75 0.12uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 5 80-MMK5124J63J01L4
C79, C81, C84 0.15uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 3 80-MMK5154J63J01L4 MKS-2 150N
C63, C64 0.22uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 2 80-R82DC3220DQ60J A-565 MKS-2 220N
C51, C86 0.33uF-10%-50V Polyester Capacitor 2 80-R82DC3330AA60J A-566 MKS-2-5 330N
C58 1uF-10%-63V Polyester Capacitor 1 505-MKS2C041001FKC00 A-320 MKS-2 1,0µ
C88 4.7uF-10%-63V Polyester Capacitor 1 505-MKS2-4.7/50/10 MKS-2 4,7µ
C5, C17, C29 0.01uF-2%-35V Polystyrene Capacitor 3 594-2222-418-41003
R269, R270 4.7 Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52-4R7 Complete List 1/4W 4,7
R61, R128, R193 33 Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-5233R Complete List 1/4W 33
R297 47 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-5247R Complete List 1/4W 47
R26, R91, R158 56 Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-56R Complete List 1/4W 56
R261 62 Resistor 1 660-MF1/4LCT52R620J Complete List 1/4W 62
R6 68.1-1% Resistor 1 603-MFR-25FBF52-68R1 METALL 68,1
R28, R70, R93, R137, R160, R199, R215, R224, R239, R248, R264, R265, R286 100 Resistor 13 603-CFR-25JR-52100R Complete List 1/4W 100
R258, R260, R266, R332 120 Resistor 4 603-CFR-25JR-52-120R Complete List 1/4W 120
R259, R299, R302, R304, R309 150 Resistor 5 603-CFR-25JR-52150R Complete List 1/4W 150
R296 180 Resistor 1 660-CF1/4C181J Complete List 1/4W 180
R312 200 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52-200R Complete List 1/4W 200
R74, R141, R204, R237, R294, R331 220 Resistor 6 603-CFR-25JB-52-220R Complete List 1/4W 220
R179, R267, R268, R301, R311, R346, R354, R360, R361 330 Resistor 9 603-CFR-25JR-52330R Complete List 1/4W 330
R336 390 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52390R Complete List 1/4W 390
R46, R48, R49, R50, R111, R113, R115, R118, R186, R272, R310, R317 470 Resistor 12 603-CFR-25JR-52470R Complete List 1/4W 470
R275 510 Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52-510R Complete List 1/4W 510
R216, R234, R240, R257, R352 560 Resistor 5 660-MF1/4LCT52R561J Complete List 1/4W 560
R279, R280, R313 680 Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-680R Complete List 1/4W 680
R29, R94, R161 750 Resistor 3 660-MF1/4LCT52R751J Complete List 1/4W 750
R273 820 Resistor 1 291-820-RC Complete List 1/4W 820
R19, R84, R151 910 Resistor 3 291-910-RC Complete List 1/4W 910
R31, R32, R65, R69, R75, R96, R97, R132, R136, R142, R163, R164, R196, R198, R206, R274, R281, R287, R288, R291, R300, R306, R342, R378, R383 1k Resistor 25 603-CFR-25JB-1K0 Complete List 1/4W 1,0K
R213 1k-1% Resistor 1 603-MFR-25FRF521K Complete List METALL 1,00K
R13, R78, R145 1.2k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-521K2 Complete List 1/4W 1,2K
R347 1.5k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52-1K5 Complete List 1/4W 1,5K
R295 1.8k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-521K8 Complete List 1/4W 1,8K
R73, R140, R203 2k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-522K Complete List 1/4W 2,0K
R15, R80, R147, R180 2.2k Resistor 4 603-CFR-25JR-522K2 Complete List 1/4W 2,2K
R34, R47, R51, R52, R53, R99, R112, R116, R117, R166, R185, R372 2.7k Resistor 12 603-CFR-25JR-522K7 Complete List 1/4W 2,7K
R225, R249 3k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52-3K Complete List 1/4W 3,0K
R209, R214 3.01k-1% Resistor 2 660-MF1/4D52R3011F METALL 3,01K
R218, R236, R242, R277, R318, R329, R330, R369, R370 3.3k Resistor 9 603-CFR-25JR-523K3 Complete List 1/4W 3,3K
R8, R45, R110, R177, R333, R350, R353 3.9k Resistor 7 603-CFR-25JR-523K9 Complete List 1/4W 3,9K
R36, R101, R168 4.3k Resistor 3 291-4.3K-RC Complete List 1/4W 4,3K
R2, R17, R37, R82, R102, R149, R169, R220, R223, R244, R247 4.7k Resistor 11 603-CFR-25JR-524K7 Complete List 1/4W 4,7K
R1, R356 5.1k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-525K1 Complete List 1/4W 5,1K
R11, R12, R76, R77, R143, R144, R230, R254 5.6k Resistor 8 603-CFR-25JR-525K6 Complete List 1/4W 5,6K
R5, R22, R44, R87, R109, R154, R176, R335, R351 6.2k Resistor 9 291-6.2K-RC Complete List 1/4W 6,2K
R282, R362, R381 6.8k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-6K8 Complete List 1/4W 6,8K
R182 7.5k Resistor 1 660-MF1/4LCT52R752J Complete List 1/4W 7,5K
R41, R106, R173 8.2k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-8K2 Complete List 1/4W 8,2K
R24, R38, R89, R103, R122, R156, R170, R219, R222, R227, R228, R229, R232, R233, R235, R238, R243, R246, R251, R252, R253, R256, R292, R319, R321, R324, R334, R341, R345, R348, R388 10k Resistor 31 603-CFR-25JR-5210K Complete List 1/4W 10K
R3, R4 10k-1% Resistor 2 Matched set of 2 603-MFR-25FBF52-10K METALL 10,0K
R39, R104, R171 10k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-10K METALL 10,0K
R18, R20, R25, R83, R85, R90, R150, R152, R157 10.7k-1% Resistor 9 660-MF1/4DCT52A1072F METALL 10,7K
R68, R135, R205 11.8k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-11K8 Complete List METALL 11,8K
R33, R98, R165 12k Resistor 3 660-MF1/4LCT52R123J Complete List 1/4W 12K
R67, R134, R207 15k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FRF5215K Complete List METALL 15,0K
R71, R138, R200, R212 15k Resistor 4 603-CFR-25JR-5215K Complete List 1/4W 15K
R35, R100, R167, R210 15k-1% Resistor 4 603-MFR-25FRF5215K Complete List METALL 15,0K
R231, R255 16.9k-1% Resistor 2 603-MFR-25FBF52-16K9 METALL 16,9K
R184 18k Resistor 1 291-18K-RC Complete List 1/4W 18K
R217, R241, R285 27k Resistor 3 291-27K-RC Complete List 1/4W 27K
R9, R10, R178, R221, R245, R276 33k Resistor 6 603-CFR-25JR-52-33K Complete List 1/4W 33K
R14, R16, R79, R81, R146, R148 33.2k-1% Resistor 6 603-MFR-25FBF52-33K2 METALL 33,2K
R58, R125, R190 39k Resistor 3 291-39K-RC Complete List 1/4W 39K
R21, R30, R86, R95, R153, R162, R337, R338, R340, R349 43k Resistor 10 291-43K-RC Complete List 1/4W 43K
R55, R187, R303, R308, R365, R366 47k Resistor 6 603-CFR-25JR-5247K Complete List 1/4W 47K
R211 51k Resistor 1 291-51K-RC Complete List 1/4W 51K
R63, R130, R195 51.1k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R60, R127, R192 51.1k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R208 51.1k-1% Resistor 1 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R62, R129, R194 51.1k-1% Resistor 3 Matched set of 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-51K1 METALL 51,1K
R181, R283, R298 68k Resistor 3 603-CFR-25JR-52-68K Complete List 1/4W 68K
R314 75k Resistor 1 660-CF1/4CT52R753J Complete List 1/4W 75K
R121, R339 91k Resistor 2 291-91K-RC Complete List 1/4W 91K
R358, R359, R364 100k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FRF52100K Complete List METALL 100K
R27, R43, R92, R108, R159, R175, R293, R307, R316, R327, R344, R355, R363, R371, R382 100k Resistor 15 603-CFR-25JR-52100K Complete List 1/4W 100K
R40, R105, R172, R226, R250, R278, R290 150k Resistor 7 603-CFR-25JR-52150K Complete List 1/4W 150K
R72, R139, R202, R271 160k Resistor 4 291-160K-RC Complete List 1/4W 160K
R289 200k Resistor 1 603-CFR-25JR-52200K Complete List 1/4W 200K
R120, R305 220k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52220K Complete List 1/4W 220K
R284 270k Resistor 1 291-270K-RC Complete List 1/4W 270K
R57, R124, R189 332k-1% Resistor 3 603-MFR-25FBF52-332K METALL 332K
R42, R107, R174, R183 390k Resistor 4 291-390K-RC Complete List 1/4W 390K
R315, R385 470k Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-52470K Complete List 1/4W 470K
R56, R59, R123, R126, R188, R191, R322, R323 560k Resistor 8 291-560K-RC Complete List 1/4W 560K
R23, R88, R155 910k Resistor 3 291-910K-RC Complete List 1/4W 910K
R325, R326 2.2M Resistor 2 291-2.2M-RC Complete List 1/4W 2,2M
R320, R357 4.7M Resistor 2 603-CFR-25JR-524M7 Complete List 1/4W 4,7M
R343 22M Resistor 1 291-22M-RC
C71 6.8uF-10%-50V Tantalum Capacitor 1 581-TAP685K006SCS A-1611 TANTAL 6,8/16
C1 33uF-10%-35V Tantalum Capacitor 1 581-TAP336K016CCS A-422 TANTAL 33/16
TC1A, TC1B, TC2A, TC2B, TC3A, TC3B 1K-1%-3300ppm Tempco Resistor 3 EComp_Tempco_Akaneohm_1K
Q73, Q74 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q81, Q82 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q68, Q69 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q75, Q76 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q79, Q80 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q63, Q64 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q65, Q66 MPS8097 Transistor 2 610-MPS8097
Q77, Q78 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q83, Q84 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q59, Q60 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q70, Q71 MPS8097 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-MPS8097
Q95, Q96 BF245 Transistor 2 A-907 BF 245B
Q6, Q19, Q32 2N4402 Transistor 3 2012 2N4402-p
Q3, Q7, Q9, Q16, Q20, Q22, Q29, Q33, Q35, Q58, Q61, Q62, Q67, Q91, Q94 2N4058 Transistor 15 610-2N4058
Q72 2N3906 Transistor 1 Matched set of 1 512-2N3906BU 7390375 A-117 2N 3906 2007 2N3906-p
Q1, Q5, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13, Q18, Q23, Q24, Q25, Q26, Q31, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39, Q40, Q42, Q43, Q45, Q46, Q47, Q48, Q49, Q51, Q52, Q54, Q55, Q56, Q86, Q87, Q88, Q89, Q90 2N3392 Transistor 34 610-2N3392 A-430 2N3392-p
Q99, Q100 2N3392 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-2N3392 A-430 2N3392-p
Q92, Q93 2N3392 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 610-2N3392 A-430 2N3392-p
Q2, Q4, Q15, Q17, Q28, Q30, Q41, Q44, Q50, Q53, Q57 2N3906 Transistor 11 512-2N3906BU 7390375 A-117 2N 3906 2007 2N3906-p
Q85 2N3904 Transistor 1 Matched set of 1 512-2N3904TAR 1700648 A-111 2N 3904 2006 2N3904-p
Q27, Q97 2N3904 Transistor 2 Matched set of 2 512-2N3904TAR 1700648 A-111 2N 3904 2006 2N3904-p
Q14, Q98 2N3904 Transistor 2 512-2N3904TAR 1700648 A-111 2N 3904 2006 2N3904-p
Q8, Q21, Q34 LS3954 Transistor Matched Pair 3 2N3954A
R7, R262 25 Trimm Resistor 2 7859733
R66, R133, R197, R263, R367 100 Trimm Resistor 5 652-3296W-1-101LF 9353160 7692154 A-584
R391 500 Trimm Resistor 1 652-3296W-1-501LF 9353283 7692182 A-596
R54, R64, R114, R119, R131, R201, R373, R374, R375, R376, R377, R387, R389 1k Trimm Resistor 13 652-3296W-1-102LF 9353178 7692158 A-585 64W-1,0K
R328 2.5k Trimm Resistor 1 7859742
R368, R384 5k Trimm Resistor 2 652-3296W-1-502LF 9353291 7692186 A-597 64W-5,0K
R390 10k Trimm Resistor 1 652-RJ24FW103 9353186 7692167 A-586 64W-10K